Charity Disclaimer – Outback Survivor


At times, Outback Pitstop may choose to host a sale which resembles a charitable promotion. In these promotions, the proceeds of a particular product may or may not be donated to a charitable organization of our choice. 

Due to the superfluous nature of the regulations and legal requirements surrounding these types of promotions, it is not practical for Outback Pitstop to conduct these types of promotions in a traditional capacity. Therefore, we are required to make the following statements

1. Outback Pitstop is not a charity

2. Outback Pitstop is a for-profit entity

3. Outback Pitstop makes absolutely no formal guarantee, promise, or implication that your purchase will be used for the purposes of a charitable donation

4. Any charitable donation we do make is done anonymously to an organization of our choice.


tAs part of our ongoing effort to help the planet, we may choose to donate the proceeds of a particular product to a foundation or organization of our choice. We want it to be clear that Outback Pitstop is not a charity and there is no guarantee of transparency